Are you looking for something fun and creative for your kids!?

Lets have fun learning all about color, practice easy painting tips and techniques for kids, and so much more!


Watch your child's confidence soar as they learn how to paint 6 full acrylic paintings!

Pause, Rewind, and Paint Anytime with LIFETIME ACCESS.


At-Home Art Lessons for Kids!

Life long artist, Christie Hawkins has taught children how to paint for over seven years through local paint nights and is taking her expertise online and making them available to you with these awesome Kids Art Camp bundles.  


After purchasing, all six painting tutorials will be released into your member library. Learn how to paint the Rainbow Unicorn, Llama, Mannequin Dress, Little Mermaid, Pandacorn, and Jellyfish! Each lesson will include a traceable template, a supply list, and Christie's detailed step-by-step video. Your child will have the ability to stop, pause, or rewind anytime they need!



We are all busy, and that is why all the videos are available with lifetime access and 24/7 viewing! If you have a busy week, you aren't going to miss out! The fun is there in our member library waiting for you whenever you want it – FOREVER! 


Your child's confidence will skyrocket!

Your child will learn, grow, and expand their artistic ability with these easy to follow art instructions.


They will walk away with newfound capabilities and a strong sense of confidence! 

These are just some of the benefits that art provides for children!

  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Motor Skills
  • Builds Confidence
  • Visual Learning Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Perseverance
  • Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Creativity

What's Included

6 Full-length painting lessons

Step-by-step, easy to follow, video instructions. That is six weeks or more full of creativity!

Unlimited Access

24/7 lifetime access to all 6 painting tutorials! Pause, rewind, and take it at your own pace.

Plus- Go back, re-watch, and create a new design every time!

Rights to teach these paintings at local paint classes.

Host in person paint parties for kids! (no teaching online or virtual kits allowed)

Traceable Templates

No need to free-hand your outline! A stress-free template will be provided. 

Exclusive Designs

Only available at The Social Easel Online Paint Studio

Supply and color list.

No guessing what you need! Find out the exact colors and supplies Christie recommends.

Parents, Would you love to have Art School at home for your kids? 

 Do you want to provide your kids with a hands-on creative outlet away from electronics?


With the Kids Art Camp, you are giving them the opportunity to not only learn and grow in confidence and creative skills but also keep them entertained at home! 

Wouldn't it be awesome to have your own virtual art camp at home since we can't go to studios to do them due to Covid! These art projects are for all kids ages 5-11 so you are getting an art teacher right in the comfort of your own home!

Would you love to give your kids their very own Art Teacher at home!?

Most schools are cutting art programs with Covid and you don't want them to lose that creative outlet! You as the parent don't want to take that on and have no idea where to start! Let Christie take care of that for you! 

Give them a virtual Art Teacher at home with the Kids Art Camp!

Christie will walk them through how to paint, teaching them new skills and make it a fun learning environment for everyone! Get the siblings or a few friends together and let art camp begin!

When Christie taught these classes in-person, the cost was $40 per person so $80 for a Mommy and Me event. You are getting all of these lessons for $25 each! Multiply that times 6 lessons and it would be $480.

You are getting it all today for $150 with lifetime access!



I’m Christie Hawkins, owner of The Social Easel. I am a lifelong artist that comes from a line of artists. It’s always been a part of my life and I feel like it is SO important for art to be a part of all children’s’ lives! 

I have taught kids classes locally that have sold out time and time again for the past 7 years and I now I am bringing it online! I am so excited to take your children on this journey through art and creating! 



Join the Kids Art Camp 2nd Edition!

Instantly receive 6 NEW Painting Tutorials for Kids in the member library. Just log-in and start painting!


There are two ways to pay for this awesome camp. You don't want to miss out!

2 Monthly Payments of


The first fee will withdraw today and the second payment will automatically deduct in a month.

Split My Payment, Please.

One Time Payment of


Pay in full today and never worry again!

I am all in! Pay for the whole bundle.

What Do I Need to get Started?

You do not need a ton of supplies to get started! This gives you a brief overview, but detailed supplies and colors will be inside the camp!

  • Canvases - I use 11x14
  • Mixed Media Pad – You don't have to use canvases.
  • Brushes – A 10pc set is great!
  • Paints – An assortment of colors!

Make this a fun, creative experience for your child! All of the provided color lists are just suggestions and what Christie used in her example paintings. When picking up your supplies, have a conversation about what they want to paint. Maybe it's not a Rainbow Unicorn but instead a Pegasus or Knights Steed!

Let imaginations run wild and get creative with your kids!